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At it’s surface, my work attempts to transport it's audience into a lush environment rich with texture and imagination through creating three dimensional forest based landscapes.  My work celebrates life and growth and our connection to nature and to each other.


I take great comfort in the law of conservation of mass. This scientific law implies that mass can neither be created nor destroyed, although it may be rearranged in space, or the entities associated with it may be changed in form.  I find that this idea can be applied as an argument for reincarnation.  We and everything around us, are simply recycled combinations of the exact same pool of particles that have always existed since before time.  When anything reaches the end of it's current form, it dies, decays and will be reallocated back to earth where it contributes to the collection of life-essential building blocks. Through this, I feel that everything lives on through a kind of constant rearrangement and reincarnation process.  


Plants and trees rely on each other for survival.  They commune with each other and adapt to their surroundings. For instance, the Acacia tree in Africa is a beloved source of food for Giraffes.  Shortly after the Giraffe begins grazing on the Acacia tree, it begins to produce a poisonous alkaloid in it’s leaves to deter the Giraffe.  While increasing the levels of alkaloids in it’s leaves, it also emits an alarm pheromone to alert the other trees in the vicinity.  The neighboring Acacia trees respond by simultaneously increasing the levels of toxin in their leaves within a 50 yard radius, thus banding together to defend against and expel the threat.  


A fairly recent discovery biologists have made, has been dubbed the “wood wide web”.  This is formed through the symbiosis of a mycorrhizal network and the underground root systems of plants and trees in a forest.  These connections are used to trade and reallocate resources to all sorts of differing species of plants and trees connected to this network.  I find that these discoveries are merely the tip of an iceberg for an overlooked type of sophisticated consciousness exhibited in nature.


It is my opinion that nature and humans both behave in ways that are examples of a community centric consciousness. We both look out for and support each other in order to adapt and thrive. I propose that this is a prime example of the law of conservation of mass. That maybe because the same atoms and molecules that make up our being, were once apart of nature’s and that nature’s atoms and molecules were once apart of our own, many times over and over again.  That all particles share a similar ability of consciousness. It is through this ideaology that I approach my work. I see my work as a type portraiture of the shared transcendent magic of community.

Ryan Weiss is an artist based out of Madison Heights, MI.